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Fire and Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

If recent events require you to file an accurate fire or smoke damage insurance claim, make sure to call Puma Public Adjusters, Inc.. We’re a knowledgeable team of insurance adjusters ready to compare your policy with the damage and get you the proper compensation.

Call (312) 687-5819 today if you need help from an independent expert adjuster.

Accurate Adjustments on Fire and Smoke

We specialize in providing accurate insurance claims to anyone who has experienced fire and smoke damage. In our long careers, we’ve helped many clients understand the extent of their damage and their insurance coverage. We pride ourselves on our communication skills and ability to simplify information and convey it accurately in times of crisis.

We’ll thoroughly assess the fire or smoke damage to your property, provide you with a dependable claim for reimbursement, explain everything about the process you need to know, and answer all your questions.

Trustworthy Claims

You can rely on an expert insurance adjuster when you need a thorough fire or smoke damage claim to receive your full compensation. We’ve helped residential and commercial clients with claims adjustments for large and small fires and smoke damage. You can count on our experience and knowledge to give you the correct information about your damage and get you the best claim possible.

Our ability to provide clients with the correct information and accurate claims is why we’re an industry-leading claims adjuster. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us when you’re dealing with a complicated claim.

Fire and Smoke Damage

An accurate insurance claim can only be filed after a detailed assessment of the fire and smoke damage and interviews with the claimant (you), the fire department, and other entities involved.

Fire damage comes in three types: the damage caused by the fire itself, damage caused by the smoke, and damage caused by the substances and the strategies used to put out the fire. Our technical knowledge of fire damage and our proven ability to interpret even the most convoluted insurance policies enable our clients to move forward confidently with the right claim according to their damage.

Independent Adjuster Dedicated to Your Interests

We’re an independent insurance adjuster, meaning our sole loyalty is to the party seeking compensation. We have no connection to any larger entities or insurance agencies that might influence the information we give the property owners we work with. Our independence from any particular entity means we represent your best interests and provide you with the best claim possible based on your policy.

We’re here to answer any questions you have regarding insurance limits, the level of our claim writing authority, and more. Please get in touch with us today for more information.

Call Puma Public Adjusters, Inc. for Accurate Fire and Smoke Damage Claims

If you need a professional insurance adjuster’s help to assess your fire damage, look no further than Puma Public Adjusters, Inc.. If you’re dealing with fire damage, we understand your urgency and will act accordingly to get you the compensation you deserve as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Call (312) 687-5819 any time to schedule an initial assessment.

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