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Insurance Adjuster

When you’re dealing with a complex insurance claim, you can benefit from the services of a professional, independent insurance adjuster. Puma Public Adjusters, Inc. is the industry’s leading insurance adjuster because we help our clients navigate the complicated process of filing major insurance claims to ensure they get what they’re entitled to.

Take advantage of our flexible scheduling options and fiercely competitive prices whenever you need our help with your insurance claim. Reach us at (312) 687-5819 to get started with a consultation.

Top-Notch Public Adjuster

Over the years, we’ve helped many clients with serious insurance claims and built a reputation as one of the finest insurance claims adjusters in the local region. We take what we do seriously and understand that the quality of our work can significantly impact our clients’ lives. As independent public adjusters who’ve experienced a wide variety of insurance claims, you can count on us to prepare the claim you need.

Our Insurance Adjusting Services

To give clients the most accurate claims possible, we work hard on every project we take on. Much needs to be considered to produce a well-rounded insurance claim, and we’re familiar with every aspect.

Here is a look at some of what we do to ensure our clients file the best claim possible:

  • Thorough damage assessment
  • Filing and reporting of damage
  • Responding quickly to claims
  • Communication with policyholders
  • Liability investigation
  • Substantiation of claim elements (damage, etc.)
  • …and more!

Rigorously following the above items is crucial to receiving the full fruit of your coverage. Ensure you check off every item with Puma Public Adjusters, Inc.’s services.

Loyalty to the Insured Party

We like to emphasize that we’re independent claims adjusters. Rather than working for insurance companies, we always put our efforts towards getting favorable results for the insured party. As experienced adjusters, we bring our knowledge of insurance policies and procedures to help you get the most out of your insurance coverage when you need it.

We’re an insurance claims provider with an expert skillset and a commitment to transparency and honesty. If you believe you’re not getting what you’re entitled to from your insurance company, we’re the team for you.

Licensed Claims Adjuster

We want to give our clients the best service possible, and the first step in doing so is being able to present up-to-date accreditation. Our licenses and certifications are always up to date, as is our knowledge of the insurance industry and the best practices to file a claim and receive compensation.

Knowledgeable, Transparent Independent Adjuster

Insurance policies are notorious for being difficult to understand and challenging to negotiate. That’s why we emphasize transparency with our clients. We never leave clients in the dark and can answer any questions you have for us in simple and straightforward terms. We strive to keep you informed throughout every step of the process, becoming the bridge between you and your insurance that allows you to be confident you’re being protected.

Call Puma Public Adjusters, Inc. for Accurate Insurance Claims

Get in touch with our team today if you require a swift and accurate insurance claim that considers the full range of your liability coverage. Come to us for fair claims, flexible scheduling, communicative staff, and more.

You can reach us at (312) 687-5819 to book your assessment.

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